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An Upmarket Groupon Clone – City Nomads

City Nomads are one among the Groupon clones in Singapore. To differentiate it from the rest of the clones, the City Nomads founder positioned the City Nomads as a luxurious group buying site specialized in food and drinks.
Would the sophisticated establishment and luxury brands diminish the brand integrity in pursuit of customer acquisition is still a question that arises in the hearts of people?
The main idea of any deal site is of course the deals itself. City Nomads exists to give a wonderful experience to the citizens of Singapore in dining.
Each person has a different opinion about the Singapore’s Groupon clones and their efforts to build a feasible business and they use to share their opinions in the comments section.
To differentiate itself from other sites, City Namods expands the site to develop the site into something more than a deal site, in order to build social capabilities that enable Nomads to add friends on the site and share photos with them.
The founders of this are the ones who love the finer things in life. Alex shifted to Singapore, where he was trained as a chef at a Restaurant named ‘Coriander Leaves’ in Clarke Quay. Having exposed to wine at his younger age, he was so familiar in that subject, so he led wine dinners and conducted wine appreciation classes.
The co-founder Shavit Clien seems to prefer Whisky more and he specializes in the field of payment solutions for customers. The HQ team of the City Nomads will help in the development of businesses in the food and drink industries.

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